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    E-6 first developer gone bad?

    I just read somewhere (probably here on apug) that to counter the first developer going bad, i's a good idea to tranfer it in small dark brown glass bottles of 100ml each.
    That's what I did this evening, but at the end I noiced quite some residue at the bottom of the plastic bottle, apparently chrystallized solution. Should I ignore it, or try to dissolve it again by shaking, or am I simply too late?
    The bottle had been opened before, but I always use Tetanal protectan spray and I still filled 9.5 bottles of 100 ml. The solution has a light brown, yelowish colour, a bit like honey (not the consistncy of it, of course

    I can just try to develop a test film of course, but if everybody would think it's hopeless anyway. ... IOW, might it be worth trying?

    Thanks for any help.


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    There is always some settling out. Try warming the bottle in hot water or if you are brave enough use a microwave for a very short time then shake it and the particles should dissolve. However I have used it with particles still floating about with no ill effects. The colour seems about right so go for it.

    What film are you using? The latest Tetenal seem to be written by someone who has still to graduate to using joined up writing, they are so vague and inconsistent.
    I use times published by JOBO from a while back. They advocate, for film made in Japan, of which there is officially only one - Fuji - the 1st development should be 7.5 mins whilst 6.5 mins for all others made elsewhere and this seems to work. The reincarnation of Agfa Precisa, almost certainly a Fuji Sensia clone, I treat it as if it was a Japanese made film and the results are as good as I ever have had.



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