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    Quote Originally Posted by ME Super View Post
    The "S" in IR400S denotes a synthetic base. I'm thinking that the Retro 400S and the IR400S and the IR400 are all the same film. Incidentally, I'm told that the Rollei Retro 80s also has a bit of IR sensitivity - out to 750nm, where I think the IR400 goes out to 820nm before the sensitivity drops to zero.

    I got a slide of the IR negative through a hybrid process which is verboten on here. DR5chrome can reversal process this film, but I haven't had the nerve to send it to them yet as they're saying they only see partial IR effects, where it looks like I'm getting full IR effects with my film by using a cheap Chinese 720nm filter and sending it through a non-reversal process.
    Thanks hmm anyone want to test all 3 on the same image and see if they are all IR sensitive? I really wish, ESPECIALLY for sheet film, that companies would sell a "variety pack" with like 4-6 of each type of sheet they produced so you could test them all, or even a variety pack for roll film... I never understood why this wasn't a common thing...

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    Quote Originally Posted by StoneNYC View Post
    Wonder why they charge more? I hope they aren't personally scanning and then using their scan to project into the new slide, because their scans are horrible LOL
    I don't know, as I sent them files on a CD, and the slides turned out just fine. I do know that direct from slide is 50 cents, while from the other sources it's $1.10. Judging by the code along the edges of the film, they're using Ektachrome/Elite Chrome for their dupes. The code in the rebate is EB-3.
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