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For critical work or film testing per se I would never use TTL metering. Just too many variables. Always a properly calibrated spotmeter and a high-quality target. And never assume that a camera store gray card is accurate. Few of them are. I always use the MacBeath color checker
chart, which is very carefully manufactured, and under properly balanced lighting.

I agree with this recommendation. There is no substitute for spot metering when used competently. Additionally, all the Velvia emulsions require accurate metering, best with 0.5 steps (0.3 steps are either too small and lost to the print process, or too much e.g. 0.6, pushing the film toward blowouts). Can't' recall when I last used a grey card; a creature of habit, I seek out a mid-tone in the scene I am metering (it must be said though this does not come easily to people just starting out with a spot meter). As a last resort, I can always meter my greying hair...