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    Thanks for that, David. I had the impression that all or nearly all the negs were OK whereas what I think you are saying is that the OK negs are completely OK but those that kinked on the reel are useless.

    I don't know what reels you are using but if they are Jobo reels I'd feed it on by holding the edges of the film and pushing slowly. If you feel it sticking then pull back and then try again. Do not try to push to overcome the resistance. That's when kinking occurs

    You can help by running a pencil over the reels. The graphite deposited helps. Make sure that the reels are thoroughly cleaned and dry. Avoid using photoflo or other wetting agents on the reels.

    Durst reels rely on a winder into which you lead the film leader onto the centre of the reel. Once the leader has been caught under the sprung tongue in the centre then it is wound on and sweat on your hand is irrelevant. If using a changing bag it is probably the best system but the Durst tanks are not designed for rotary processing so if it's C41 then it means hand agitation and a water bath.


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    Click image for larger version. 

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    The Proplus II came out ok, at least the ones I could salvage. The Superia 800 looked horrendous, although it's my first time shooting 800iso so maybe its the combination of that and a low res scan, but I really didn't like anything from the superia.

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