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    I've bought Ilfochrome paper from B&H and it was perfect when I recieved it. Of course, for Ilfochrome your only options are: buy expired paper from local dealer, have dealer special order the paper, which takes two weeks or so, or order it online, where you get the paper quicker and save a bit of money as well.

    Of course Ilfochrome is different than RA-4 paper, but I'd still imagine ordering online would have no problems, especially since I always order my film from B&H and it's always been great, even the one time that the UPS driver handed me a package that felt like it was about 110 degrees...

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    I second Ed's recommendation for the Ultrafine stuff. I'm not sure whose paper it is they've rebranded (I've heard that it's almost certainly not Kodak though), but it is a fine product. I've been teaching myself how to print color for the past few weeks, and it's really done a good job, although I have used a lot. Let me emphasize that it's not a waste of paper if you've learned valuable lessons on how the stuff behaves. The more mistakes and junk paper you get now, the better you'll be in the future. When and if you stick with it and get really good, you should be able to actually eyeball negatives and be able to print them perfectly within the third try, after making a contact print and maybe one 4x5 test print.

    ~KArl Borowski

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