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    FYI: Fuji Film sale at B&H

    From a B&H email:

    "Save on Fujifilm Pro Films at B&H Photo!
    When you order through this email from 3/19/06 to 4/19/06*

    There's no denying the fact digital imaging has taken center stage in the photography world, but there are still many working pros who continue to shoot film both on and off the job. Many serious amateurs continue to remain loyal to film as well.

    There is still a good argument for shooting film, and today's films are noticeably better than comparable films available just a few years ago. FujiFilm in particular is continuously seeking methods of improving the color fidelity, tonal qualities and sharpness of their Professional negative and transparency films.

    If landscapes are your forte, nothing comes near the super-saturated color quality and image sharpness of Fuji Velvia transparency films. If speed is an issue or you tend to take photographs under less-than-optimum lighting conditions, Fuji Provia 100 and 400-speed transparency films offer higher light sensitivity along with a remarkably sharp grain structure.

    FujiFilm's latest negative films are available in a variety of flavors to match your shooting needs. Wedding photographers in particular have long raved about the flexibility and color rendering abilities of Fuji print films, which are available in ISO ratings of 160 to 800. No matter where your next assignment takes you, B&H Photo & Video has a variety of film choices to fit your needs.

    With these thoughts in mind, B&H Photo is currently offering special deals on a variety of Fuji negative and transparency films. For a limited time B&H customers have an opportunity to purchase your favorite Fuji film stock, or perhaps try out the newest Pro-series color negative films available in ISO rating of 160 to 800.[font=Verdana][size=2]"[/size][/font]
    Robert M. Teague

    "A man who works with his hands is a laborer; a man who works with his hands and his brain is a craftsman; a man who works with his hands and his brain and his heart is an artist" -- Louis Nizer

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    The email I got mentioned you only got the prices if you clicked on the links in the email. But the prices in the linked pages are no different then just going to the web page.



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