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Well, then I consider myself lucky again, because what I want is often possible to achieve with my limited budget.
Even though my favorite images were always something unexpected, some kind of "accident look" on film.
that's what I like about film, you get it back from processing and you get suprized every time.
Good points here - although the subject was "The Perfect Negative". I very rarely - if ever ..? ... I don't think I've ever done that - even "very rarely" ...been able to envision something and capture it *perfectly* on the negative.
That is, an image perfect (read: exactly) the same as I had "pre-seen" it to be. I too, am surprised to a degree by the results as I open the tank from my own processing. There would not be that reaction if I was accustomed to making "perfect" negatives.... which I can guarantee I am not.

The merit of the work itself? At times less than I hoped - at times greater ... but no, not "perfect".