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At my pace, 30 rolls should last me a while! Given what passes for "colour processing" nowdays, and that I do not have the facilities to do my own (yet), I am starting to feel that if need colour, I will turn to slides.
Do you do your own B&W processing? If so, you've got everything you need to do color except the chemistry, and maybe a dishpan or something to hold a water bath. Color (particularly C-41) isn't really harder than B&W; it's just done at a higher temperature (100F) and is a bit more finicky about consistency. Of course, if you want to, you can invest in equipment to add varying degrees of automation to your color processing.

E-6 is a bit more complex than C-41 because it has more steps, but it's still do-able in a simple darkroom. RA-4 (color print from negative) processing is similar in complexity to B&W print processing. It's conventionally done in drums or print processing machines, but can be done in trays. The trouble with color print processing is in getting the color balance right. As somebody who's still fairly new at it, I find it frustrating as often as not, but I'm improving.