Just got a batch of Kodachrome back from Dwaynes'. One roll K25, 4 rolls PKR (past date from B&H) and 4 rolls K200. I get them uncut as rolls, and this time they came sleeved, wrapped around plastic spools and taped, in a small cardboard box. Much nicer than the last batch. However, the cardboard box is of a rougher, lower quality, and the material can and does create a lot of dust. Now, add this in to the fact that the sleeving material is Super and I mean SUPER static. There is no way to remove the film without a huge static burst that pulls in dust from everywhere especially those boxes. I live in Hawaii, and normally static and dust are never a problem, most days have decent humidity. This combination has increased my dust issues on this batch. The film processing is stellar, all three types of Kodachrome look fantastic! No issue there! The K200 is particularly sweet, I noticed they still have some in stock, I'd get a few rolls if you haven't tried that flavor yet, it is very unique and especially nice in twilight.