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-) "chrome" is derived from the Greek Chroma whiche means colour

-) in non-english languages it is also written as "chrom"

-) the suffix "-chrome" at the tradename of b&w-films hinted at them being spectrally sensitized

-) but it was also used for those early natural-colour films like Autochrom and Kodachrome 1st.ed.

-) "pan" or "panchro" refers to a spectrally sensitization that strectched beyond green and into red; "pan" meaning all-including

-) later the suffix "-chrome" was used by Kodak to indicate in general colour reversal films

-) this habit was taken over by german manufacturers, but with the suffix "-chrom"

-) later that german ending was changed into "-chrome" too; ORWO were last to do so

(a compilation by an old fart)
Thanks to both of you

Interesting too.


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