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    Jed, Kodak's cheapest C-41 chemicals are all individually packed for making 1 gallon working colution. But the bleach and the fixer although make 1 gallon each they have twice the processing capacity of the developer. So you may want to buy two developer (make 1 gallon each) and one bleach and one fixer.

    I have found that reusing the gallon sized Kodak developer to be a bad practice. Kodak says you can reuse by increasing development time. But I have found that it tends to mess up the color balance and increase grain. I have abandoned reusing of developer after losing a dozen rolls of 220 negatives.

    Buying minilab sized C-41 chemicals from local minilab supplier is where I get my C-41 chemicals now. Huge capacity and yet not too expensive. Yields excellent negatives always. BTW, I use a jobo automatic processor. Sometimes I shot images of about half a dozen rolls of 220 in one weekend. The jobo processor processes them in one evening for me. By midnight time all rolls are dried and sleeved ready for scanning. The minlab sized chemicals are still too large for me though. But price wise it is still cheap enough for me in the long run.

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    PE, thank you for the confirmation on Blix for the RA4.

    MTJade, thanks for the heads up about the chems. I'd really like to do Kodak chems if I can get them shipped up to me. I'll keep that in mind about purchasing devloper in a 2:1 ratio compared to bleach and fix. Those are the kinds of tips that really help later on!
    As an aside, I never re-used developer on B&W negs, and wasn't really thinking about doing it with color - the chance of ruining my negs just isn't worth saving a buck, if you know what I mean...I do appreciate the info, though! Now I'm even less tempted to ever try it.
    Great info here for me, thanks to all,

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