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    i am a fan of superia film as well.
    i kind of like color rendition,
    but some of the kodak films
    with their softer color pallette
    are nice too.
    don't shoot many chromes, and when
    i do, it is expired fuji velveeta or np ...

    have fun + welcome abord


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    Welcome to APUG Patzer. As the others said, no C41 film is crappy nowadays. Pick a roll of comparable products from Kodak & Fuji, and follow your taste. I have a slight preference for using pro films, but you can get some pretty nice results out of consumer film as well.

    As JD said, best to print Fuji on Fuji, and Kodak on Kodak. At least in my experience, that's true. I print mostly B&W, but I dabble a bit in RA4, and when it works, it's really fun.
    Using film since before it was hip.

    "One of the most singular characters of the hyposulphites, is the property their solutions possess of dissolving muriate of silver and retaining it in considerable quantity in permanent solution" — Sir John Frederick William Herschel, "On the Hyposulphurous Acid and its Compounds." The Edinburgh Philosophical Journal, Vol. 1 (8 Jan. 1819): 8-29. p. 11

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    This may not be helpful regarding choices today but I did extensive color processing up until about 10 years ago: I preferred the color saturation of Kodak materials over Fuji (film and Paper) - more "natural look" as someone else said. Personally, I never cared for ramped-up color saturation (digital cameras have a built in switch for doing the same thing, it's called "enhanced color").

    There is a claim that Fuji color material are more stable (long lasting) when compared to Kodak materials. My feelings about this are based on what I perceive as honest marketing. Kodak offers real (historical) data about their products if you inquire about them, and the data shows me that they are not hiding any truth. Fuji, on the other hand, makes a claim about color permanence based on, so called, accelerated testing (maybe the testing is done by an independent researcher, I'm not sure). The claim states that Fuji colors will last fifty years - Kodak makes no such claim, AFAIK. Must we wait 50 years to see if the claim has merit, I believe we must. Unless you believe accelerated testing methods equal historical (real) data.

    Please understand, I'm only expressing my personal opinion.
    "Pictures are not incidental frills to a text; they are essences of our distinctive way of knowing." Stephen J. Gould

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