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How best to go about teaching myself how to do colour printing with aforesaid enlargers?

And what in blue blazes is a colour analyzer.

P.S. I'm Canadian and we do COLOUR photography, not COLOR photography. Will I still be using the same chemicals?

Many moons ago I taught myself colour printing via two books, The Color Printing Manual, Bob Nadler, AMPHOTO 1980; and The Complete Guide to Cibachrome Printing, Peter Krause and Henry Shull, HPBooks 1982. I used a Philips PCS130 enlarger with a PCS150 colour blue/green/red (BGR) colour head, and a Beseler 45MXC with a Minolta Xenon BGR color head.

Shooting positives (chromes), printing to positive paper--Cibachrome (now Ilfochrome)--with an additive (BGR) colour enlarger seemed to be a logical approach. To me, C-prints always looked life-less compared to Cibas.

Colour Analyser? IMhO, don't bother, it's not the silver bullet and needs to be recalibrated with every new batch of paper.

Colour Photography? IMhO it's mucho better than color photography, but more expensive.