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With consumer films you really should overexpose 1/3 stop, dunno why. Don't overexpose it if you print it optically. The contrast will go all wacky, and you won't be able to correct it. Get it close, but it doesn't really care beyond that.

Generally you can get something out of -2 stops to +5 with good being -1 to +3. That's if you're digitally contrast correcting, though.

I'd agree with that. For standard C41 done at the local minilab, using the box rating, the colours are perfectly good, just a little "Flat" especially if you're used to the punch and contrast of slide film.
An extra 1/3 - 1/2 stop (I just set the ASA setting a touch lower on the old 80's SLR I use for colour - Konica TC-X) and that gives images that are a lot more vivid and brighter and well, "Punchier" which I prefer for colour print work