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I would use C-41 RA chemicals than SM chemicals.
What I meant to say is I will use C-41 Developer Replenisher LORR. This is the most economical C-41 developer solution to me. Last time I paid less than $100 for a box of it. It came with 4 sets of chemicals. Each set have Part A, B and C 3 bottles of the developer replenisher. Each set makes 12 liters of replenisher when mixed with water.

I use this LORR replenisher to replenish my retail gallon sized developer to use in my Jobo processor. I always started out with the gallon developer. After it is used once I replenish it with the replenisher. For most people the gallon sized developer would be tossed after used once. But I replenish it with the LORR replenisher. LORR replenisher has twice the strength of non LORR replenisher. That means it is 24 liter of juice, not 12 liter.

As a result I have been able to produce excellent negatives. I basically use more juice than the recommended quantity to develop my films. If 250 ml is recommended for a roll of film I would use 500 ml instead. I process more than one roll of film at a time of course to increase productivity. I have to use a larger tank and pour almost the max quantity of the replenished developer allowed by the tank to process 2 rolls of films. The resulted negatives have been excellent. Because of the cheaper cost from using LORR replenisher it allows me to be a little wasteful in using the developer. In return I am assured of no failure of development caused by insufficient quantity of developer used. 12 liter x 4 (effectively 24 liter x 4) is more than enough for me for one year.

I really don't need to worry about the retail gallon sized developer being discontinued. It has little impact to me. But it basically will wipe out beginner or will be beginners because of the larger entry barrier. If you are an experienced home processing individual you can easily find $-41 Developer Replenisher LORR from your local chemical wholesale supplier. They exist and they are the ones supplying mini-labs. They will want your business. In my opinion this is the best answer to your C-41 developer need. If you gather 3 friends to make a purchase of one box for lesss than $100. You will get 12 (effectively 24) liters of the juice. You will not want the gallon developer any more.

You will still need a developer starter for the LORR replenisher. It is cheap and available too. But I was told you can go straight to develop films without the starter. I do not believe that and have not tried it. But I was told by a mini-lab owner. It will become seasoned after developing some films anyway. I may try it without the starter and see what happens.

C-41 beach RA is the bleach to get. It is in a concentrate form. It speed us bleach from 6.5 minutes to about 2 minutes. I have a few bottles of this bleach. I use it to replenish my seasoned bleach. One bottle of this juice lasts almost forever. I am still using gallon sized fixer. It is cheap and it has twice the potency of the developer. So I continue to use the gallon fixed as long as it is available.

So, I hope none of you are discouraged by the disappearing gallon sized C-41 developer. It's not the end of the world to home C-41 processing. Small packages for beginners are no more. But if you are serious your cost is actually lower for the next size available. Go for it. That's what I have been using anyway.

By the way, Tetenal, Unicolr and Arista are not real things. C-41 Blix is junk. Use the real things. That's how you get real negatives. Wasn't that been taught over and over already?