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Thanks for the info. Hand made eh? Interesting.

Curious....I can't see that the actual film is literally "handmade". The sample pics are good quality but with unusual color/contrast balance.

Would it be economic for one of the big manufacturers to coat a special order (or, more particularly, a special emulsion) for as "few" as 20,000 cassettes .....and, if it were, why, then, fill cassettes by hand if it's going to risk scratches and faults?

(I quite like the idea, though, and would give the films a try...bit like the Fuji SP a while ago. And I wonder what an economic size is for an "own-label" film order...e.g."Boots" stores in the UK offer their own-label 200ASA slide film, which is obviously Fuji in own-design cassettes and boxes, but I can't see them selling vast numbers of slide films these days? (Though it is actually very good film at a reasonable price, and process paid at the official Fuji UK lab. ))