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Tim, that article seems to be based on facts and must have originated from someone in the know. Ron (PE) was tipped off about the article a week before it was published.
I'm not saying it's flat out wrong, I'd just like to see something more concrete than an unattributed reference in a wire story. Perhaps it is true, but I'm afraid I've built a very healthy scepticism for what appears on the wires!

The reference in the story is "Eastman Kodak Co. now makes the slide and motion-picture film in just one 35mm format, and production runs — in which a master sheet nearly a mile long is cut up into more than 20,000 rolls — fall at least a year apart."

That's about as far from being an unadulterated statement of the truth as it's possible to get. If someone wrote an article along the lines of

"Intel now manufacture Core2Duo processors in just one size, 65nm, and production runs - in which a master wafer is cut up into more than 20 chips - fall a week apart" noone would surmise that Intel only make 20 chips a week.

Just because A master sheet is cut up into more than (how many?) 20,000 rolls doesn't actually state only one master sheet is cut up. That reads more like a paranthetical statement to explain how they produce film rather than a statement "only 20,000 rolls are produced per year."

Like I say, I'm not saying it's not true. In fact, in my gut I suspect maybe it is. But that article seems to have merited gospel status rather too easily, and will now be quoted willy nilly as 'proof' of the death of Kodachrome long after the time noone can actually find the damn thing.

In fact, doubtless it's on Noddypedia already...