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    I found in later years that almost all P30 kits I could find had been laying around so long as to have virtually zero shelf life once mixed and heated. Might want to use the first liter up all in one session.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ronald Moravec View Post
    If you reuse developer or partially reuse it like 1/2 new and 1/2 old, things also go off.
    Right, thanks a lot for this hint...

    I've recently started printing Ilfochromes, finished my first half litre of concentrate (first litre of working strength solution) yesterday. After 12 prints, I was still trying to get the first good print, varying colour filtering and exposure time one at a time, sometimes subtly, other times drastically... But never with exactly the right result.

    Reading your post, I look back at the prints... and indeed, the few prints where I used 100% fresh developer are the best.

    I know what I'm going to try with the next half litre of concentrate. Not 50/50, but new dev/bleach/fix for each and every print. And I hope that will work. It would make printing Ilfochrome more expensive, but then again... if that's the way to get good results, then it's worth it. The way I'm trying to save solutions now is wrong. Saving on the wrong thing.

    So... I hope this really is the crux of the matter for me. If it is, I'll continue printing Ilfochrome. If it isn't, then colour printing is not for me :rolleyes:.

    I'll post an update here when I have done more printing.

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    So my second day didn't go so well.

    I decided to change things around, having read more information on how I should be processing more effectively.

    My first print was a set of test strips and it was amazing! Beautiful, deep, rich colours.

    Every print after that came out very yellow, too yellow to compensate with the viewing filters I had handy. It's almost monochromatic. Looking at my prints from day 1 I do see a similar issue.

    I have my own suspicions as to the culprit but I'd like to hear yours. The good thing is that the well exposed part of the first test strip has me so excited I'm certainly going to persevere with this.

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