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    To be precise, I sad "single use developer". I use the remainder of the chemistry to the limits specified by EK and then I replenish. So, my bleach, fix and stabilzer are not single use.


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    I used to mix and make 500 or 1000 ml of C-41 developer at a time out of a Kodak gallon developer pack. It worked well initially but toward the second half or less than half of the gallon pack there were often problems that would force me to abandon the rest unused concentrate. I found it more practical by simply mix the entire gallon pack first. But instead of making 1 gallon of working developer I made it to 1 liter then store the liter in two 500 ml bottles. Each time I just took one such 500 ml bottle and add water to make a 1/2 gallon working developer. I would process the films that I have accumulated enough to use all the entire half gallon. The result was always great. The unused 500 ml mixed concentrate can last easily a month. This way I would not waste any developer and the result was always as good as expected.

    I am doing the same with my c-41B developer 10 liter pack. Instead of mixing and making 10 liters I make it into 4 liters and store it in 4 1000 ml Jobo bottles. These bottles are very good. They keep the mixed concentrate easily for 2 months. When I process films I use one bottle at a time to make 4 liters. I use up all 4 liters each time. There is no waste of developer and the developer is always in fresh condition.

    The C-41B developer (replenisher) I bought came with 4 packs in one box. Each pack makes 10 liters. Last time I checked the price was less than $100 for the box. So it comes out less than $25 for 10 liters. But because it is a replenisher I also bought starter for it. The result is it comes out to be something like 14 - 15 liters of developer (out of 10 liters of replenisher). The starter is very cheap. So my cost is less than $25 for 15 liters of developer. I have to use up all 15 liters at a time. I always have enough rolls to process anyway so I don't waste any at all. One box of this C-41B developer replenisher turns out to be about 60 liters of developer for me for less than $100 and it is more than enough for me for a whole year I think. It is cheap so I use the developer only one shot. The result is very repeatable and always excellent.

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