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    Quote Originally Posted by paul_c5x4 View Post
    Ag Photographic lists both Kodak developer and bleach/fix. I would be tempted, but doubt if I could use it all up before the expiry date..
    I have read many earlier threads and based on what I've read I would guess that:
    1) Even the mixed chemicals can last for six months with no problem, so...
    2) Opened concentrates should last for six months with no problem, probably even more.
    3) Unopened concentrates will last for two years, probably much more.
    4) And you can visually see when the concentrates are bad: developer is bad when part B (IIRC... but it's the one that has CD-3) gets dark, and blix is bad when the clear part gets "smudgy"...

    And, even if you had to dump some (which will be the case if you make only very few prints), it will still be so cheap compared to the Tetenal stuff...

    So, to me, the only downside seems to be the longer processing time . Maybe I can live with that, lol.

    I just ordered this stuff from Ag Photographic. As well as KODAK's E6 and FUJI's C41 kit. And a bunch of cheap RA-4 paper.

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    Any idea how much we would need to increase processing times with Ag Photographic RA4 kit? I've been using the Nova Mono RA4 kit with great success but I keep hearing bad stories and it does worry me that I might end up having some of these problems.

    So far I've done about 40 RA4 prints all pretty consistent and very pleased with them; but I'm trying to keep my options open.

    I have heard of times up to 4 minutes but I can't recall which step etc. I would tend to be processing between 18-22C depending on the outside temperature, it can easily get down to 18C in winter in my bath-dark-room

    Admittedly I've only been using the Nova Mono RA4 for a couple of weeks but it's been very successful so far.


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