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    I have been studying the washless process.

    Regarding retained silver levels, it is the silver metal specks that remain un-bleached that cause problems with image quality (grain, sharpness and color). Used properly, there should be none of these specks in a washless process, just some traces of silver halide complexes. The silver halide complexes retained in a washless process cause a different problem. They can affect image stability. I have no information on this whatsoever, but having examined the chemical changes in the bleach and fix, I see what they have done, and it follows from R&D I am familiar with and have been working on myself here. It can work. It apparently does. I have gotten good results from it. In fact, Super Universal Fix VIII uses similar chemistry based on my R&D at Kodak.

    SUF VIII uses a method of swelling gelatin which facilitates removal of silver halide complexes from the coating and allows reduced wash times. It also forms a different type of complex.


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    Quote Originally Posted by Photo Engineer View Post
    I am not aware that RA-4 processes are washless. I'll have to check.

    I do know that C-41 can be washless but only using the C-41 Flexicolor RA Bleach and Fix. They have been modified to prevent problems with any possible retained silver complexes. In addition, the Final Rinse RA III must be used with this washless process.

    If you don't use the proper chemistry, you can end up with unstable negatives.

    You can use the RA chemistry with a wash however, with no problems.

    The fuji CN-16 process is wash less as well. Dev, bleach, fix1, fix 2(overflows to fix 1) then four seperatly replenished STAB tanks.

    On the frontiers the final rinse is Deionized water with a tablet added to the tank....don't remember what was in the tablet but it sure smelled like chlorine.

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