Hi Lorenzo.

Yes, that is the Kodak Edge that I am using. I bought a few rolls off ebay for cheap and cut it myself. The paper is quite a bit thinner than endura which may make for more difficulty in handling when wet if you use trays. I use it in tubes with no trouble. IIRC, I bought four rolls of 8" by 310 feet, two glossy and two mat for about $100 shipping included. Makes for a pretty big pile of 8X10's for $100.

The packaging says it is optimized for digital and is excellent for optical exposure. Exposure times are short. Around three seconds at f11-f8 with a Beseler 23C with a dichro head.

The Kodak site also mentions Kodak Royale. It appears that the emulsion is the same as Edge, but the paper stock is heavier. It's a little more expensive, but can be usually found on ebay for about the same $ as Edge rolls.


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Hi ricksplace!
Is this one? link: http://www.kodak.com/global/en/busin...85/12087/12081

I haven't seen it before, as it's under another section of Kodak's site!

It can really be an alternative to Supra Endura... do you use it in rolls or sheets?