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    Here is one image that is straight out of my film scanner unmodified so that the effect of higher contrast and color shift can be seen.

    The water in the reservoir is totally black with a little reflection of the clouds in the sky.

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    The film scan, modified or not, doesn't tell much about color balance or crossover. The only way to really see is to try RA-4 printing. After scanning, there can be almost any problems due to scanner, and I find that most pictures on most scanners need playing with software to balance them. It's not always easy.

    Colors can be quite hard to balance in Photoshop. The levels and curves tools both cause color crossover to begin with because of bug/wrong functionality of most imaging software that is caused by misconception of gamma correction by the software manufacturers, not fixed even today. Especially underexposed negs can be pain to balance, if you want the same results as in optical print.

    Of course, if it doesn't work in your typical workflow, then you can fix either the film process (first and more important: no underexposing, secondly: accurate processing) or the workflow. I would guess that there are problems in both. It's only a guess but normally one stop underexpose & push wouldn't mess up the colors that badly. But it CAN exaggerate your problems in scanning/Photoshop. Have you tried to print it optically?

    And, to me it looks that it's just too green. I see no huge crossover. Rocks in the shadow are too green, and clouds are too green. If the rocks were magenta, then you would have magenta-green crossover.
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