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    Quote Originally Posted by Dave Dawson View Post
    "got a pro lab to make little 6x4 proof prints"

    Can you remember if these had a slightly blue cast on the wedding dress as I doubt any wedding dress shaped mask was made for the printer!

    Cheers Dave (who has probably fallen off the learning curve !!!)
    Digital correction+digital digital printer calibration=no crossover.

    Quote Originally Posted by perkeleellinen View Post
    What I do remember was thinking "Pro400H doesn't normally look like this". The prints were quite saturated (especially the grass - deep green) although skin was looking normal. My hand prints show a far mellower colour. The lab scans, adjusts, and prints digitally.

    Spyder2000 - Thanks for the tip. I used flash just to put pricks of light into the subject's eyes, I never thought that it could also make the dress glow with a blue cast.
    They can do whatever they want with the scans to produce saturated images (mainly sliding the large slider labeled "saturation" clear to the tip top.) I find optical prints to be just that: mellower. I get good colors when I use Ektar 100, and slightly more mellow colors using the Gold line of films. Getting good colors requires you find them in the right light and I'm not comparing anything to digital methods which may produce "better" colors.

    Lastly, shadows will always be "blue-er" than highlights if you're in the sun. The sky is very blue and the natural shade of shadows is blue.

    Hope one of the 12 suggestions helps :/
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    Thanks for the comments. I've just acquired a thermostatically controlled Nova slot processor so I can be more consistent with temperature. I've got some boxes of Endura and I'm going to try them with Kodak chemistry. Happy to have this heated Nova, should help with my colour printing.

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