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I want you to participate, I'm just asking that you stay within the intent & context of APUG's rules of discussion and within the intent of the thread's title "Given the exposure latitude of C-41 film..." and the thread's lead question "How do you use it to your advantage?" [The "it" in this sentence refers to C-41 film's latitude]

This thread is not about "scanning" or "density" or how C-41 films compare to E-6 or to any other media, it's about finding out how you and others actually use C-41's latitude.
It is sometimes annoying for the OP when a thread starts to drift (happened to me and I'm sure many others), but that happens all the time on APUG. It's a lively place. An answer to a question often leads to another question and so on... If it gets too bad, a moderator can split the thread. I am not aware of any APUG rules to stay with the intent or within the limits of the original question. That would be a big handicap (and impossible to control).