Not switching mid-session is a good idea but I do also want to use up the chemicals. I'm going to work on designing a setup for each film base.

One thing that I'm having fun with lately is my Holga and printing contact sheets as the finished print. So no I don't group densities I just take it as it comes.

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Something I would suggest is to not switch film stocks during print sessions; or, if you do, be prepared to make changes. Every stock is slightly different and requires a different filter pack. Even going from Kodak VC to Kodak NC creates a need for a different filter pack. To go even further, examine your negatives and your guide prints (if you have any) and group negatives with similar lighting conditions together when you print. I find that it helps to examine my negative before I put it in the enlarger and I do look at it while I'm focussing it as well, but I think that this helps more with judging densities than color balance.