LORR developer is what I use to make working developer. As a replenisher it does have more capacity but not really twice. I think it is more like 1.5 times or less. It takes 763 ml of LORR developer replenisher to make 1 liter of working developer by adding 30 ml of LORR starter and water.I believe it takes something like almost 900 ml of non LORR developer replenisher to make 1 liter on the other hand. But once it becomes a working developer it is no different from regular non LORR developer. I know that the replenisher rate according to Kodak seems that LORR has twice the potency. I don't know how to interpret that.

I also found, by ruining many rolls of films, that reuse of developer by extending development time do not work for rotary processing. This was quite a surprise to me because almost everyone said it can be done. But when I did that it simply did not work. The negative processed with fresh developer, if enough volume of developer is used, did come out great. But when the developer was used for another roll with extended development time I seemed to aways run into issues with color crossover and grain. Again I really wish I am wrong about all these. I will shoot a few rolls of 220 just to experiment one more round. I will use one of the Kodak C-41 gallon sized developer packages I have on hand, instead of making it out of my LORR replenisher.