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    Quote Originally Posted by Ektagraphic View Post
    Does anyone have any info on the archival properties of Kodak's current Portra and Ekar films. I am considering using them more but I am nervous that they might not be as archival as Ektachrome. Thanks.
    Relax. Archival life is the least of your worries, and there is no definite answer to the question anyhow. Here is what you do: Shoot C-41 if you want to make RA prints, and shoot E-6 if you want to make Ilfochrome prints or color separations from a film original (or to project, of course). Shoot either one if you want to scan. Shoot E-6 if you want to push or pull or make RA prints from cross processed negs. If properly processed and stored, any one of these processes will outlive you and anyone who cares about the pictures.
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    Hi Ektagraphic,
    I just went through a similar realization. I got really into Galen Rowell's type of work, it inspired me, and in that vein I shot nothing but chromes for my last two years in Alaska. At the time, I loved getting my rolls of slide film back, and pouring over them with a loupe on a light table. Now that I want to print them...well, let's just say scanning is not my favorite thing. (That's why I'm on APUG - I just don't enjoy the digital imaging process as much.) As good as that slide looks, it just won't look the same in a regular print. It's the transmission of light through the transperency, vs the reflected light from a print that has us so hooked on that slide look. But what do you really share with more people: slides in a box in the corner, or large prints on the wall? So I've decided that from now on, I'm shooting all negative films, exactly for the reason of the optical printing path. It's a fun hobby that I'd like to participate in as long as it's available.
    Best of luck,

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