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Except for the developer the C-41 process solutions go to completion. Bleach, fix, wash, and stabilizer are not time critical providing that sufficient time is allowed and the solutions are not exhausted. Follow PE's times. Don't try to cut times to a minimum because you run the risk of having incomplete bleach or fix, poorly washed or unstabilized film.

I agree that we shouldn't short change the times. But... what I'm saying, and PE has actually alluded to (even while suggesting longer times), is that it takes "different" chemicals to shorten the cycle.

I want to be clear here, I'm not suggesting non-standard times, I'm suggesting that the manufacture knows what their chemicals will do. All I did (finally) was read the directions for the stuff I was using.

The chemicals listed in this post are not the "generic" Bleach III and flexicolor fixer where the manufacturer's time is specified at 6'30".

The manufacturer's time specs for Kodak's SM chemicals are 1 minute bleach and 2 minute fix. For Trebla's chemicals it's 45 seconds bleach and 1'30" for fix.

It would seem these chemicals were designed to be faster than the "generic" stuff.

Adding some extra time won't hurt but even doubling the manufacturer's specs for the Trebla chems only gets us to 1'30" for bleach and 3' for fix.