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    Quote Originally Posted by bdilgard View Post
    I became intrigued with the use of hair dye developer after seeing the experiments of Neelin and Pickles on Flickr. I went my own route and have not tried Betadine as of yet although that bottle of peroxide that is included with the hair dye kit is calling to me to dump it in too and see what happens. So far I am 50/50 with my various experiments between getting some kind of faint color image or totally clear film.

    I also think it is fun to continue to search for "household" products to process film in although I don't expect the image to be stable any longer than the time it takes to get the film through a scanner.

    The only kitchen sink way I can think of to see if an ingredient does anything is to waste a roll of shots of the same subject / same lighting etc. cut it in half and process both halves the same way except one with and one without the ingredient and see what happens.

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    If you've seen the results from someone using red wine as a developer, I suspect it's the polyphenols that makes it a developer... so you should be able to make a basic developer from plant matter even.

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    WOW....I leave you guys unsupervised for a few years and you started playing with Mom's haircoloring?


    re: developers from plant matter...I did a few of those...weak, but things like mint from the garden worked...I think I blathered away on another thread about those experiments

    I tried Clairol on BW film ages ago.....don't think I ever used it on color film...guess I have to try it now

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