For Southern California I prefer Ektar. On the beach or in San Diego, with Ektar I get bright strong colors.

Fuji Pro160 S/C, along with Portra 160NC give me very washed out, pastel looking pictures. I depend on commercial labs for my prints since I have no darkroom at home.

I also found the Portra 160 and Fuji Pro160 films very dissatisfying in Florida, the Caribbean and Mexico. Those are all places I see with strong colors and Portra does not give them to me.

I have even scanned all those rolls and attempted color correction on the computer. They still don't represent what I saw in real life. It is disappointing to come home from an exciting, colorful trip only to get soft, pastel photos.

Maybe Pro 160 and Portra are great in a studio or for controlled lighting. Certainly a wedding where you want to control skin blemishes and shadows. (even then, the bright purple bridesmaids dresses came out soft lavender).

I am only an amateur photographer, so for traveling, I will use typical consumer grade color films from Fuji or Kodak but I especially like Ektar. No more Portra.

-- I missed the OP's requirement for a 4x5 film. Sorry, my comments are for 35mm, so consumer film will not apply.