Oh! Well, that's new! But could we leave the 6 bath kit aside for the moment?

I really am not experienced enough to deal with so many chemicals. Whilst to you all, it would seem as if the 6 bath is just as easy as the 3 bath, but to me if it gets far too complicated and costly, then I might be more economical to try Jessops instead- they were able to process a roll of slides for £4 for me- I don't know if that included mounts or not, since I wanted them in a strip.

Sorry guys, but the 3 bath + stabiliser is the way for me. Perhaps if I stumble across a Jobo ATL 1500 then I'll be more than happy to just pour the chemicals in and let it go, but right now with all the labour, both manual and mental, the 6 bath process is out of both my depth and price range.

So, I've heard many recommendations about the Tetenal Kit (which I'm quite partial to myself), but has anyone here used the Fuji 3 bath kit?