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I have a weird problem with my T5. I compose in the viewfinder to the best of my ability, but the resulting shots all seem to lean to the right. Maybe my head's on crooked. I guess I can work that out. Do you use a tripod with your T4/T5 loaded with Kodachrome 64?
I had the same problem with some of my cameras -- I solved it by putting gridded focusing screens in the SLRs (Nikon 'E' screens).

I haven't been having a tilt problem with the T's. But I suppose my tilt-free days are over now that I have informed my subconscious of the fact.

I put the T's on a tripod if the light is very low and I expect the shutter speed to be out of hand-holding range. The program for the camera is such that the lens goes to wide open before the shutter speed starts going down. So if the exposure would be 1/15 or slower at f3.5 then it is time for a tripod. For an ASA 64 film deep shade or open sky just before sunset is OK, anything dimmer isn't. A tripod never hurts, however.