I don't want to open new topic, because there are similar already, so:

I have around 8 rolls Portra 160vc and 3 rolls T-max 400, all expired 2005-2006. I think that I will use them all through the summer, maybe most of the colors film in the end of August.
I store them in a closet, in a guest room on 2nd floor on the house (so no-one lives there), the room is dry and it's pretty dark for the most part of the day.
I'm little afraid that on the 2nd floor the temperature are higher than on the ground-rooms which have more condensation on the walls, a thing that might affect the films maybe more negatively than the temperature?

Is this safe place?

Or should I freeze them.
Unless your house is in Death Valley and your upper floor is made of glass, I wouldn't worry too much. You're going to shoot it this summer, or soon after, and you're not a colourimetrist (I assume!), so really don't worry.
If you were saying "my favourite colour film has just been discontinued and I want to stockpile it so I can shoot my newborn daughter's future wedding using it, is it OK to store it here" I'd say "No, freeze it". But you're not, so don't bother.
I've shot films that expired 40 years before I was even born; Agfa film that was made in Nazi Germany and that was fine (except the filmbase itself had deteriorated, but then it was nitrocellulose, and I explicitly chose it because of that fact).
Genuinely, film is like babies - a lot more sturdy than you'd think.