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    Strange results in the studio the other week with E6

    I had to make a mistake that I dont like to make- I had to change film stocks in the middle of a shoot. I shot most of the job on Kodak 100VS, and everything came out the way it was expected- the cyc was a brilliant white (as expected) blacks nice and rich, and colors were spot on! I was a happy camper! We had to squeeze in a few last minute shots the last day of shooting and I had to switch to Fuji Astia. Same lab, all processed at the same time as the Kodak, fresh chemistry, but the film had a warm bias. Things seemed like I had shot everything on the fuji with a 1/4CTO over my lights.....not a pleasant surprise. Nothing was changed in lighting, scene, subject or equipment. The only thing that changed was the film stock. It has been fridge kept for the weeks leading up to the job and cooler kept in the 10minute transit b/w fridge and studio.

    Anyone seen this behavior with Fuji Astia? I havent seen it exhibit a warm bias that extreme before.
    Does anyone know of a likely culprit?
    Could have my film been heat fogged in transit for delivery? (I've fogged film with heat before, but it was a lot more dramatic of a shift than a uniform warming.)

    Thanks a bunch!
    M. David Farrell, Jr.

    ~Buying a Nikon doesn not make you a photographer. It makes you a Nikon owner!

    ~Everybody has a photographic memory, but not everybody has film!

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    I mostly only use Provia and that tends toward cool so I'll bump this for you.



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