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    Mustafa Umut Sarac's Avatar
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    Oct 2006
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    35mm RF

    Ravenna Byzantine Gold Mosaics and an Analysis

    I am after quality colors and searching the different art forms to study their colors and thinking to get the same. At current mosaic industry , there are thousands of colors and combining them without reference is an geniuses job .
    There is a large trend for Byzantine Mosaics and manufacturing the same old tiles and using them at restorations , church , state buildings.

    And I am an Leica addict and look of the 50s photography.

    If you look to my images , you will find some small details not possible to get without Leica at rangefinder class.

    I am talking about anatomical detail , vains , muscles , bones , skin and their all summed complications at a picture. This is why Leitz is famous for least 30 years ago or older times.

    I love the grain and 3D anatomy of the girls hand which smoking a cigar. There are 7images at my gallery and you can easily find it.

    And I think I found the same grain and look at Byzantine City Ravennas Gold Foil , Glass laminated mosaic tile compositions.

    I learned , after centuries , gold foil started to detach from the glass top and there appeared small dots covering the compositions.

    This is like grain in the picture but more descriptive , Leica grain.

    I strongly believe these glass houses , film houses studied their homework very much. If you buy Leicas old magazines , you understand what I am talking about.
    I dont know how Kodak decided the finish of Ektachrome , who were the decision makers , What did they want from chemists , Who decided the quality of final product , What was their inspiration ?

    This is what I want to learn for a long time ! Same for Leica !

    PE , any name , book , article , archive document you know ?

    Best ,

    Mustafa Umut Sarac


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    In the 1960's I took 35mm Ektachrome slides of the Byzantine Mosaics in Revanna and Classe. These mosaics are be best Byzantine mosaics outside of Greece and Turkey. Definitely worth the trip.

    Etkachrome worked then and should work well now. Also consider using C-41 color film too.

    Warning!! Handling a Hasselblad can be harmful to your financial well being!

    Nothing beats a great piece of glass!

    I leave the digital work for the urologists and proctologists.



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