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can I add a few remarks ?
First, I have had RETICULATION of the backing gelatine layer on XP2 Super if I Pre-Soak before the Colour Developer -- but it does not occur on C41 COLOUR films I have done. I sent a sample to Ilford Ltd and they said do NOT pre-soak .
then, on looking at your strange 'micro-bubbles' I have had the SAME thing on ORWO NP22 120 B&W rollfilms -- I sent a sample to the ORWO company in Germany and they said my B&W FIXER was too exhausted and they got rid of it by re-fixing in a fresh bath -- not had those effects on any other films though and I use a 2-bath B&W fixer system, Ilford Hypam.
My problem is NOT a reticulation. I can wash it out And it is caused by the stab bath -- as I wrote before -- I inspected the films before and after stab bath.
I nailed down to water - everything else was the same. Same temperatures, same film batch numbers, same chemistry concentrates, same bottles. Only one thing was changed -- water used to make stab bath.