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    Cold Storage of Disposable Cameras?

    Just wondering if anyone has any thoughts on this...

    It is common knowledge that with proper storage (sealed containers in the fridge and/or freezer), film can be kept and used well past its expiration date with no ill effects.

    But what about disposable cameras?

    Presumably it would be better for the film inside them... but what about the camera mechanisms, or even the electronics or batteries in the models with a flash? For the sake of discussion, let's assume that it is a mixture of types - some standard, some with flash, some waterproof... some sealed in their bags, some opened but unused, and some that are half exposed.

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    The first thing that comes to mind is to let the camera warm up gradually before removing it from the bag. Condensation could play merry hell with the inner workings, to say nothing of the lubricant. On the other hand, it's a disposable... Try it and see! Then, as a part of your homework assignment, come back here and make your report. (Can you tell I've never done this?)
    Fred Latchaw
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