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    Help! Need to find a color printing lab

    The lab I've been using for color printing of 35mm and medium format has switched to digital only printing. I need to find a good lab for basic 8x10/ 8x12 color printing at reasonable prices. The prints will be framed for a gallery, but need not be super high quality and price for this end use. I won't sell digital prints, and am suddenly in a bind to get some work out. I expect to switch to mostly B&W when my darkroom is up and running, but I'm still stuck with all these color negs and nowhere to go with them. I live in Maine (USA), and it would be nice to have a lab somewhere nearby, but I'll take what I can get at this point. If anyone has personal experience with labs that do quality work for good prices, I'd be very grateful to hear about them.
    Thank you in advance(!)

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    Dunno of the USA, could recommend a couple of places in London or Barcelona, also Dusseldorf..

    Maybe you can try RichardPhotoLab, they sponsor Analog Photo Radio so they must be good I suppose


    Good luck!

    Let us know what you find....



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