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I cut a small piece of the film and put it through some Ilfosol S at 9 minutes. I could see just a tiny smudge so I tried another 2 inches at 15 minutes and saw "a smiling face". Then I did the whole film for 20 minutes and although the whole thing has a dark orange mask, I could see sharp images.

I know this is APUG but, how to share the images, okay I scanned them and here's a sample. Anyone know what year that Oldsmobile is? I tried to see the year on the license plate and my guess is 1975,

Your jpg is very pixillated - lots of digital processing artifacts. As a consequence, it is virtually impossible to interpret. Try scanning the license plate area alone, as a color image, at a high resolution setting. Don't post process it - just post it on your website "as-is" as an uncompressed jpeg.