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    Q: Minox or 16mm Omega carrier confusion

    Picked up two (virtually) identical Omega Simmon D carriers as part of a larger darkroom lot.

    My confusion is over the actual carrier format of these two. The original packaging they are in has an end-user penciled check mark next to the "16mm / #423-302" listing. However, the actual carrier opening seems closer to the Minox 8x11mm size. The diagonal measures very close to but slightly larger than 16mm, and the outside dimensions seem to correspond more closely to what I understand is the typical Minox miniature size. (I'm no Minox expert and expect they had different format sizes, though).

    I'd guess they are indeed the 16mm size, but they seem so darn close to the Minox.

    In any case, the two types would be very close in size to each other, I gather. The carriers are from a college science lab, so I'm guessing the 16mm must be some kind of scientific standard of some (former) use.... Or are these carriers more likely mislabeled and actually the Minox (423-303) carrier?

    Thanks for any insight.

    Edit: we'll, now I see in a not very prominent spot on the packaging that it is officially listed as 16mm, so that pretty much seals it...
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    Quote Originally Posted by billbretz View Post
    Thanks for any insight.

    My insight: Neither the Minox sized ("Kodak Disk") or 16mm carriers for the Omega D5500 hold the film flat enough to make anything larger than 3" prints. I suspect the standard "D" carriers you have are the same. For any magnification larger than than that I use the glass carrier and a piece of masking material above the glass.



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