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Ian I'm glad you chimed in because the i'm using is your it-8. It took awhile to get the yellow out but I made sure. I definitely saw some increase in blacks after toning so I went a grade lower on the contrast filter and that worked but I wasn't really getting any olive.

IT-8 is fairly unique in that it "Intensifies" the image during toning which can be a bounus, the prints do need a lot of washing after bleaching before redevelopment. For anyone who hasn't tried it essentially it uses a Dichromate rehalogenating bleach, similar to Dichromate intensifier and that's followed by a Pyrocatechin staining re-developer. The tones are reminiscent of some lomg lost warm tone papers which gave a deep olvive brown tone.

Print - Forte Polywarmtone FB, Developed in ID-78, right half toned in IT-8