Im resucitating the thread for a late update on my personal experience now that I got all set-up and Im regularly doing some prints (for other people that might have similar questions). Thank you all first for the good ideas and suggestions. The small room Im printing in is quite limiting, but I managed to fit everything in it, including me when I work, even though I cant really move much in there. Changing the lens in the enlarger was not so straightforward in the end. I had to literally unmount the head completely and take the condensor off to access form the focusing bellow the thin threaded ring that holds the lens and becomes totally lose when unscrewing the built-in Beslar. But no great deal, I did it, it just took a little while. I followed the advice to direct the safelight to the ceiling and at the moment everything is fine, no issue with fogging at all. I have posted another thread about a problem I had with the 75W incandescent lamp that originally comes with the enlarger (it burned out very quickly) and I am now using a 25W equivalent LED, which makes my life much easier considering that in such a small space the heat from the 75W would have been disturbing after a while. Anyway, happy to be in the dark and hopefully will post some prints in the near future!