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    I put small fluorescent dots on each separator between baths. The dots are not bright enough to affect the paper, but are just bright enough for me to know where the baths are located. Works fine and I've never noticed any fogging.

    I think that's the paint I used to make the dots:

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    Quote Originally Posted by pentaxuser View Post
    OP, you haven't said this but I assume that in the U.S. in your own particular circumstances any kind of safelight is too expensive for you which I can understand but is a pity.

    If you have decided that colour print processing is for you and will be a full part of your set-up then unless you believe that total darkness is convenient for you, I would suggest that over the long term the price of a safelight might worthwhile but of course this can only be your decision.

    My DUKA lamp was also quite expensive when bought in 2004 in the U.K. and RA4 processing isn't a major part of my darkroom work but if I had to work in total darkness to do RA4 then frankly I'd give it up but maybe I find total darkness much worse than you which is fine

    I wish you well in working in total darkness

    In fact I'm in europe (france), and indeed I could find DUKA in UK or DE.
    Is this kind of light suitable : http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Kaiser-Duk...item233603f85d (the white colour of the thing surprises me) ?

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    I've been using a 12x16 Nova slot processor for RA-4 for a few years now and have never found it a problem getting the prints into the slots in the dark, in fact it's quite intuitive. I do have a colour safe-light but only use it faced away from the processing to show the timer clock, no light falls on or near the paper, enlarger or Nova system

    A bit of practice in daylight might help, followed by practice in the dark, use a piece of acetate or similar and water in the Nova.


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