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    Beseler Printmaker 35 or 67?

    My girlfriend got me into film photography back when we were undergrads and now I'm trying to set up a darkroom in a bathroom for us to use. I prefer 35mm film but she likes shooting 120mm (and some others I can't think of). I already messed up once and got an enlarger that apparently can't do 120 film (beseler cadet ii) so I'm trying to not waste any more money since (as I'm sure you all know) this isn't a cheap hobby to get into.

    The two I'm trying to decide between now are a printmaker 35 and a printmaker 67. Can they both print 35 and 120 film without having to do anything other than change the carrier I'm using? If so, at roughly the same price point which one is better?

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    Welcome to APUG.

    As the names imply, the P'maker 35 just does 35mm. I think there's an upgrade kit to turn it into the 67.

    Are you buying new or used? If used, there are lots of options that will do up to 6x6, 6x7, or 6x9 and still be compatible with a bathroom darkroom. Also, is this a bathroom that will be more or less dedicated to darkroom use or will you be setting up when needed? There have been past discussions on what enlargers work best.

    You might want to specify exactly what format your GF uses. It will be a number of cold, cold nights if you mess that up again.

    Finally, I suggest you include your location in your profile. You may find an APUG member with a suitable enlarger for sale.
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    The 67 will handle up to 6X7 negatives sooooooo.

    It may require a secondary condenser element for the 35mm size. Some just use a bellows or series of internal shelves to vary an element. Check a manual(online) & the information should be there.
    Beseler accessories are pretty common but sometimes an accessory can cost more than an enlarger.
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    Hey, a recent ad on this forum! http://www.apug.org/forums/viewpost.php?p=1671853



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