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I received my 'LaserSpot' perpendicular laser leveler device and tried a test run with a small mirror on top of my negative carrier. It works fine! Now i'm on the quest for some first surface mirrors. www.sciplus.com carries several, one mirror is 5"x8" and is fs on one side and bs on the opposite, $5. They also carry 8x10 optical sheet glass for $5 a piece which would work great for some homemade ground glass. I've no connection with American Science & Surplus, other than that of a happy customer..

This laser tool is neat!
There's no need to use a first surface mirror with laser levels. What Versalab uses (and I've tried) is a simple piece of glass. It reflects more than enough light to easily see the laser. It sounds like it would just transmit light but it actually works fine. If you neede more light reflected, just add a white label of some kind on the back surface of the glass. Try it once and you'll see there's no need for expensive delicate first surface mirrors.