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Thread: AN glass

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    Quote Originally Posted by psvensson
    I have an AN glass on top in my Durst Sirioneg carrier. I tried using plain glass below, but that gives me Newton rings. I also tried AN glass, but the pattern shows up in the prints. Ended up with no glass below. It's still sharp.
    Hi you, I would like to know if I can use only the upper AN glass, evoiding the lower normal glass, because I still find on this last one some scratches every time I use it. The only upper AN glass is enough to evoid the film distortions due to the light heat concentration ?

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    The negative usually pops upwards as the enlarger head warms it up, so one glass on the top is usually enough. However, if the film base is soft (and thin), you will get slight bending of film downward due to the gravity. This is the reason I am switching to T-Max, which is stiffer than Fuji Acros... However, if you place the negative into carrier turning the carrier upside down (so the AN glass is at the bottom), putting the film into the carrier and closing the carrier in this position, the film will be kept by the carrier in considerably flatter position than if you just put it in in usual way. Even soft film base will be fine this way (of course this all depends on the way the carrier presses on the film when you close it, so this may vary from enlarger to enlarger).

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