Matt's link runs a search for any X-Rite 810 densitometer on - which ones are listed will depend on when you run the search. The original ones discussed above will have all expired by now so will not show up. As far as I know, all X-Rite 810's are both reflection and transmission - the relection part is built into the sensor module on mine - not as a separate item.

Greg: thanks for coming back and telling us how well things turned out - I just collected one myself for almost exactly what you paid so I'm also quite densitometer-happy at the moment My emailed communications with the seller were not good - his replies were short, lacked any warmth and he didn't use the CAPS key (which I generally take as a sign of someone who can't be bothered to even try to communicate effectively) so I was a bit cagey. Met him, and he was actually a nice guy...).

Cheers, Bob.