Regarding easels, you'll probably get as many recommendations as you'd get asking who makes the best lens or best film. Personally I use a Saunders 14"x17" Universal easel (a 4-blade easel), but only because I got very lucky on eBay. I'm finding lately that speed easels are very useful for a lot of my work. I generally fill up the paper with the image, so unless I'm doing something interesting with cropping it's just easier to grab a speed easel.

The Saunders easel is a wonderful piece of equipment and I'm glad that I have it, but you can get a number of new speed easels for the amount that I paid for a used Saunders. Not as flexible as the Saunders, but only you can decide if that's important to you.

Best of seems you've found yourself a nice enlarger there. Enlarging lenses are going for peanuts these's probably worth buying a few while you can still find them easily.

Be well.