I'd never heard of a Vega-11U f/3.0, so I did the eBay search. The logo on the f/3.0 version in this auction indicates that it was made by MMZ, which changed its name to Belomo in 1971. (My source indicates that the original logo could have been used beyond 1971, though. Also, the serial number starts with "89," and many Soviet camera products have serial numbers that begin with the year of manufacture, so my guess is it's a 1989 product.) My own f/2.8 Vega-11U, and the one pictured in ZorkiKat's post, have logos indicating they were made by LZOS, which is a different facility. The second current eBay auction shows a third design and no logo is visible in the photo, although the text mentions a lens cap with a logo for a factory whose name I don't recognize.

In any event, the f/3.0 version does indeed look like it's got a shorter neck, so it might be able to focus properly on more Western enlargers than the version I've got. The factory might well make a difference in terms of optical quality, but I don't know this for a fact.